How Do You Use Affiliate Links?

So you’ve decided to become an affiliate marketer and you’re ready to earn your fair share of the millions paid out in commissions every year.

You’ve signed up for the program (or programs) of your choice, got your affiliate link ready and now the first answer you want to know is: “Where to place my affiliate links?”

Very good question.

Where you place your affiliate links is going to have a lot to do with your affiliate marketing strategy. It’s best to decide on one strategy to start with and then build on that as you have gained experience and maximized the profit there.

The following points are a few of the many affiliate marketing strategies you can use to place your affiliate links in key positions online that will help you earn great commissions.

1. On Your Website

Of course you should be adding your affiliate links where appropriate on your website. This can be in full blown product reviews, in casual mentions of products, on a recommended resources page, in a list of learning materials, in your footer, etc, etc.

2. On Your Blog

Blogging is a great way to make money as an affiliate. It is much like using a website but you can also get feedback and find out what people are most responding to. Make sure to pay attention to the kind of posts people click and read, then write more of them.

3. In Your Email Signatures

If you’re like many people you send hundreds or even thousands of emails monthly. Put this to work for you by recommending a relevant product in your email signature.

4. In Pay Per Click

If you are brave enough to try pay per click marketing then you may want to buy domain names and redirect them to your affiliate link. This is a method I don’t use myself as it’s easier and cheaper for me to get my traffic through natural search engine optimization and place my links on my own website. If you do use this method keep in mind you will not be building a list either. It’s better to get the traffic to your website, build your email list and then send them on through an affiliate link.

5. In Special Reports

Special reports are somewhere to place your affiliate links that is not often thought of. It’s also very effective. If you write up very useful reports and then place thoughtful recommendations into those reports you will be appreciated for your work and approach. People want to buy products that are going to help their business and a well thought out report that helps them grow their business makes the purchase a no-brainer.

6. In Emails

Now you must be building an email list. If you plan on building a sustainable business online then building and writing to an email leads list is so important. Build in relevant affiliate offers using your links and you’re sure to increase commissions.

There you have six places to start placing your affiliate links!

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